Congratulations on your upcoming ‘shared solo’ exhibition! You and 3 other members will be exhibiting your work in the main area of the NMAG (white walls).

The good news is that you are totally in charge of what goes on this month. The bad news is you are totally in charge of what goes on this month. ;) This is not only a great opportunity to showcase a larger selection of your work than you may normally be able to, but it’s also an opportunity to learn everything that goes into making a show successful.


At the bottom of this note is a timeline for much of the prep. Following it should keep stress down and avoid last-minute issues. Please work together with your fellow exhibitors to divvy up responsibilities.

You and your group should come up with a title for the show. “Solo Exhibitions by [named artists]” doesn’t have a lot of sizzle, so be creative and dynamic.

You and your group should decide how much work you will exhibit. Typical gallery-quality shows leave 1’ of space between works. This may mean fewer works on view but the show will look great. ‘Salon style’ hanging (jamming the walls full of art) is an option but does not typically enhance viewers’ experiences.

For PR, you will need to create a press release. A boilerplate example is available on the website. Press releases can be sent to our media contacts via Kathleen Carroll (please email her your press release at You probably also want to send an email (via Mailchimp, recommended) and create a Facebook Event. Evite is another good option. Physical postcards are not recommended. And send an email to webmistress Elise with an image and short description to be featured on our Events page (

You are responsible for hanging the show and striking the show. Supplies are in the storage closet. Check ahead of time to make sure we have enough of what you need.

You are responsible for purchase and setup/cleanup of reception fare (food and drink, including wine). Food must be purchased and not handmade (for liability reasons). A&M2 will donate $50 towards wine. That amount will be divided up among the 4 of you. Please purchase approximately 9 large bottles of wine to satisfy crowds. Typically bottles are $12 at the county wine store in the Montrose Crossing shopping center.

You are responsible for spackling, sanding, and painting touch ups as part of the striking responsibilities.

Keys to the building, gallery, classroom, and closet are available upon request if you anticipate needing to access building outside normal business hours (Tue-Sat 10a-4p).


A member of the Exhibitions Committee is available to offer guidance through the process, but the lion-share of duties are yours to coordinate.

1-2 members of the Exhibitions Committee will be present at your opening to be cashier and to answer any night-of issues you may have.

Mimi is willing to do the labels for all shows, so you will need to get your label info to her based on the schedule online. We recycle the backing, so the labels are not to be thrown out, but placed on the table in the exhibition space after paintings are taken down.



Hang Show: Tuesday before opening

Opening Reception: First Friday, 6-9pm (**Sept 2017 is Second Friday)

Show Hours: Tues-Sat10am-4pm

Strike Show: last Saturday of the month


Send out Press Release: 4-6 weeks before opening

Order Frames: 1 month before opening

Order Business Cards, if needed: 1 month before opening

Finish Artwork: 2 weeks before drop off

Advertise show to friends etc: 2 weeks prior to opening, 1 week prior, everyday prior

Assemble Framing: 2 weeks before drop off

Fill out Label Info Form on website (if NMAG will do yours): 10 days prior to opening

Update your own website to align inventory/prices: 1 week before opening

Buy reception fare: 0-2 days before opening

Set up reception fare: 2 hours before opening